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Cleopatra & Yang Guifei & Helen


The 3 Legends

Cleopatra of Egypt;
Yang Guifei (Plum Beauty) of Tang Dynasty;
Helen of Troy;

All 3 had the same common traits;
for they make men turn their heads,

All the king's men eyes' dilate,
can cause uncontrollable drooling wherever they tread,

But little did they expect that their beauty expanded their empires far right ahead:

Psst! That's because they all took care of their blackheads!

So let us help you along so that people will lose their heads;
"Holy Baby! You Look Perfect!"

3-Steps BlackHead Removal


The Story

I took a long brisk walk past down the escalator and into the underground metro.

The train stopped in front and I didnt get a seat as it was pretty crowded.

But in a stroke of luck, I stood in front of a strikingly attractive woman, who was seated demurely.
I attempt to check her out without risking eye contact.

Classic black heels. Conservative purse.
Little silver necklace. No ring on the finger.


"She's just my type!"
I raised my right eyebrow.

And, to my horror, she caught me staring.
My heart stopped. Time stood still.

She stood up.
Its probably her stop.

"Nice smile..." I stammered nervously.
I was caught off-guard!
I feel a drop of warm sweat trickling past my right eyebrow.

"Can I have your number before.....",
she turns her head back, gave me the sweetest smile,
hair flowing around effortlessly and then walks away.

"Oh my god! I could have died!"
I breathe slowly out while closing my eyes.
The train pulled away from the station.
From her.

For making men breathless and unable to act rationally,
the 3-Step BlackHead Remover has a devastating effect on a man's mental wellbeing.

Please choose your weapon below wisely.


01 Hydrate [Pre-Treatment] : Open Your Pores


Quench Your Aura?

If you have dry-wrinkly skin, then this hydrating method, will make your competitors question whether you have discovered the Fountain of Youth.

If you have oily skin, your perfectly hydrated skin will stop over-reacting and thank you. Even your bestie quizzes, "No more fries?"

We've seen it before:
For sure there will be probing inquiries into your supposed royal lineage. Decadent gifts of fine Parisien Chocolates. Invading Paparazzi and Press Crews. An overabundance of social engagements. You'll be asked if the current conversation is boring you to which you'll flippantly reply, "Oh, Not yet!" Your competitors rages to see your face gracing the front page of the local newspaper, "What? Her again?"

This Fruit Hydrating Machine does an amazing job in hydrating even the driest skin on earth, much like like the River Nile, quenching the hot and dry Egyptian desert.


02 Treat [Treatment] : Remove Your Anguish!


Angry? Bad Skin Day?

When Helen became Queen of Troy by eloping with Prince Paris and his warriors,

she started the Great Trojan War amongst the ancient leaders,

she rages,
she curses,
she screams,
she pinches,
she pops with her weapon tweezers,

to free the modern women from the painful slavery of blackhead procedures...

"Helen" BlackHead Vacuum is not trying to conquer anyone or anything,
which is exactly why it will conquer everything.

Us this weapon wisely.


03 Calm [Post-Treatment] : Calm-Down & Bond


Bond with Your Girls?

A nurse was getting dinner ready for her family after arriving home from work.
As she was placing the pan on the stove, the phone rang.

The nurse calmly answered it, and heard the familiar voice of her bestie
on the other end of the line.

"Hey! We have already started the
DIY Mask Making Process with the Girls...."

"I'll be right over..." replied the nurse solemnly.

As she hurried out of the house, her husband asked, "Is it serious?"

"Oh yes, quite serious," said the nurse gravely.
"In fact, 3 other nurses are there already!"

**Stop depriving your precious bonding time with your Girls.


The Encounter

The encounter was stunning.

For making men breathless
and unable to act rationally,
the 3-Step BlackHead Remover has a devastating effect on a man's mental wellbeing.

Your last chance.

Please choose your weapon wisely.


What Would You Do For Love?


BlackHead Removal

BlackHead Removal

BlackHead Removal


BlackHead Removal

BlackHead Removal