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03 Calm: "Guifei" DIY Face Mask with Fruits

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The Story

Take it one notch down & relax

Calm Down & Bond. With the Bestie & your Girls.

Like a Staycation. Like a Girls-Night-In.

Remember when the Fear-of-Missing-Out (FOMO) from not "going out" sent a level-ten panic up your spine?

So that you can order a $25 Gin & Tonic at the Bar, hoping that the cute boy will talk to you?

So that you could pretend to be interested in exchanging business cards with the venture capitalist with horrendous breadth & crooked smile?

So that you can hear Alicia Tan's next multilevel marketing (MLM) plan to take over Singapore?

No, no, no....

You & your Bestie & your Girls promised a night like this;

Staying in. Listening to Michael Buble. Drinking Bourbon. Laughing your faces off. Gossiping about Boys. And how Dumb all Boys are. Or that Cute One who isn't Dumb. All while lying down with your own DIY Facial Masks; customised concoctions to each other's whimps & fancy.

Its time to make your promise good to your Bestie and Girlfriends.
Really. No more excuses.

Enjoy endless hours of fun doing crazy experiments.
Weird fruits + yoghurt + wine - face mask concoctions.
Crazy dares.
Neverending bonding & laughter.
Over the DIY 3D Printing Mask Making Machine during your Girls-Night-In!

Have you been troubled by huge pores, blackheads, acne and oily skin?

Do you still apply those facial masks with preservatives, fluorescent brighteners, excessive levels of lead mercury or heavy metals on your face? These masks with excessive chemicals only cause harm to your face in the long term.

You need a facial mask machine can nourish your face without any side-effects. This facial mask machine offers you to create facial masks made of different natural green ingredients.

For your beauty and health, we kindly suggest you to DIY your facial mask with fruits, vegetables, red wine, red wine or milk and enjoy yourself to the max.



Name: Organic Fruit Mask Maker
Voltage: 110V-240V
Plug: EU Plug , US Plug, UK Plug
Mask making time: 5 minutes
* Natural fruit and vegetable facial mask machine, no preservatives, no lead, no mercury or other irritating   substances. Super Safe and Healthy, absorb faster, better for skin; Private custom, making masks depend on your   skin, DIY various kinds of facial mask by pouring the juice of the fruit and vegetable, or tea, milk, soybean   milk, honey, beer and red wine, essential oils, herbs, flowers, eggs, etc.
* The mask will be formed evenly automatically on the ABS mask plate by only pouring the liquid, no need of paper   mask and no need to have a spoon to shape it. Ensure the mask be more perfect and better fit the face skin
* Quiet, automatic, easy to operate, only one power botton to control all the programs, Click the power button to   switch or comfirm the mask making mode and the cleaning mode. Economy and convenient way to do a safe facial   beauty at home. Detailed operation steps please according to the instructions.
* Easy to clean. If you add the the same fruit, you can use continuously without cleaning the item; if not the   different fruit, you can pour water to press the right button to clean it . You don’t need to open the machine   or wait for water cooling off to wash it. Just Operate by pressing the button in a convenient,time-saving,   energy-saving way.
Warm  tip : Please note the product is not including the juice squeezing function, please prepare 20ml juice before making the mask, and mix the juice with the water in proportion according to the instructions.
Package includes:
1 x mask machine
1 X mask plate
1 x 100ML cup
1 x cleaning brush
1 x instruction manual
1 x power cord
1 x 32 pcs Collagen in total