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01 Hydrate: "Cleopatra" Facial Steamer with Fruits

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The Story




There definitely is a bright aura about you.

The Director of Photography sees stars when you walk in,
and it has absolutely nothing to do with the clothes that you are wearing,
nor the camera lighting set-up.

Eyeing you up and down,
he fumbled with himself, turning you this way and that,
marvelling at how the light catches and reflects your complexion.

"This is the best angle to catch your beauty!" he screamed!
"This is your best side", he yelled excitedly.
"OMG! You look perfect in all my photos!", he can's stop himself when he reviews on the camera.

"Tell me something I don't know", you replied calmly.


When you hydrate sufficiently,
you cant stop dazzling people.

"Cleopatra" Fruit Facial Steamer generates steam,
which are passed through small cut fruits and vegetables,
hopefully passing soluble nutrients and nice smelling esters to your skin.

Pleasant warm steam softens up skin, moisturises it
and open pores to remove dirt and blackheads easily.

Side effects of steam includes relaxing your tired and stressed skin
after a long day of compliments.

01 Hydrate: "Cleopatra"
Fruit Facial Steamer Humidifier


  • Gentle and powerful-This facial streamer generates steam that is finer than ordinary steam. This finer stream of steam helps easy removal blackheads and whiteheads.
  • The warmth of the steam helps soften up the skin and moisturizes it to remove dirt, bacteria and makeup leaving the skin glowing, soft and smooth. 
  • Fruits and vegetable facial humidifier  –  Built-in steam pad allows placing fruit, cucumber slices generates steam through them passing the natural nutrients to the face. 
  • Maintain a healthy skin - Steaming based skin care routine helps the skin absorb moisture and helps keep the skin getting affected by dryness and dehydration. It is a great replacement for warm patching that doctors prescribe for irritations and infections.  
  • Please note that depending on the water level, it might take about 15-20 minutes for water content to turn into steam.


  • Item Name: Facial Steamer Machine
  • Spray time: 61-120s
  • Color: White
  • Size: 190X130mm
  • Plug type: EU plug
Package Included: 
1 x Facial Steamer Machine
1 x EU Adapter
1 x User Manual
Packed in a box
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